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Asociatia Consultantilor si Expertilor in Economie Sociala Romania – ACE-ES Romania

Urmareste organizatie
Regiune de activitate: Bucuresti-Ilfov


Valea Viilor nr. 2, sector 6, Bucuresti


Association of Consultants and Experts on Social Economy Romania (ACE-ES RO) is an association (NGO, non-profit organization) founded in 2011 that aims to support and promote social economy (social entrepreneurship) seen as viable tool for innovation and flexibility within the economic and social environment, for sustainable development and active citizenship, for cooperation, solidarity and social inclusion.
The members of association are active in development innovative instruments of social economy – a social brand of inclusion, training on social entrepreneurship, professional standards pertaining to the domain’s jobs etc. In 2013 ACE-ES Romania became a formal member of FAR – Federation for the Accessibility of Romania. In 2014 the association has been accredited as private training provider according to the VET national legislation for the certified training program ”Manager of Social Enterprise”.
The main projects of ACE-ES Romania are:
1. Free Support Program for Sustainable NGOs – so far we are providing free consulting services for 8 NGOs, located in Bucharest, Arges, Ilfov county, Constanta and Neamt. Areas covered: structural funds (writing grant applications), social economy, organizational development, fund raising and development programs for vulnerable groups.
2. “Social Economy, which way?” – ACE-ES Romania has launched an online Working Group in order to bring together specialists and organizations interested in developing the field of social economy in Romania. Main topics are the following: Certification Models of social economy structures; Social impact assessment; Non-traditional businesses as a tool for employability; Human Resources/Training; Support structures in social economy.
3. ”YES for Entrepreneurial Youth NGOs, YES for Millennials Changers” – ERASMUS + Strategic Partnerships for Youth – The general aim is to stimulate transnational exchange of good practices and relevant experiences in developing modern and challenging action-based learning contexts for professional people of the youth NGOs (with a focus on youth workers) based on social enterpreneurship so that they could stimulate sustainable development of their organisations and their target groups.
This project is implemented with bbw gGmbH from Germany and CESUR – CENTRO SUPERIOR DE FORMACION EUROPA SUR from Spain (September 2015-November 2016).
4. FUN Studio – is a complex project for children, youth and adults/parents in order to develop practical transversal skills for a positive life based on self-esteem, laughing/personal development and positive thinking.
5. ”START Social Entrepreneurship for Women!” – To increase awareness about social entrepreneurship as a tool of economic empowerment and to support educated young women with a precarious status on market labour to become financially independent. It has 2 components: A. a complex support program for women (psychological and vocational counseling; training in social entrepreneurship) B. free consultancy for starting their own social business. (June 2016-may 2017). The project is supported by VGIF Foundation.


ANSR – Asociatia Nationala a Surzilor din Romania


Program de formare GRATUIT  – ”Manager Intreprindere Sociala”

În perioada 09-14.10.2017, Asociația Consultanților și Experților în Economie Socială România – ACE-ES Romania, derulează programul de formare ”Manager întreprindere socială”.   Acest program de formare face parte din proiectul „CREEZ, ÎNDRĂZNESC, DĂRUIESC!”, finanțat de Ministerul Tineretului și Sportului, în cadrul Concursului Național de Proiecte pentru Tineret 2017.   Proiectul citeste in continuare ...

Program de formare GRATUIT – ”Manager Intreprindere Sociala”
Asociația Consultanților și Experților în Economie Socială România organizează, gratuit, cursul de ”Manager intreprindere socială”, in perioada 14-18 noiembrie 2016. Cursul este urmat de sesiuni GRATUITE de consultanță/ateliere practice pentru a dezvolta o afacere socială – lunile februarie-mai 2017.
Criterii de acces:
– tinere – 18-35 ani (studente, șomere, job part-time, voluntare, alte vulnerabilități pe piața muncii)
– minim studii liceale cu bacalaureat;
– motivație puternică de a parcurge TOATE activitățile de sprijin și învățare, pentru a dezvolta propria afacere socială.
Dosarul de înscriere trebuie să conțină următoarele documente:
– copie CI;
– copie după ultima diplomă (liceu cu bacalaureat/facultate)
– copie dupa certificat nastere;
– datele de contact (telefon, email).
Documentele se trimit scanate, până la data de 02 noiembrie 2016, la adresa de email: ace_economiesociala@yahoo.com.